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Here you can plan your adventure in Poland filling our simple form and sending it to us. We will prepare the special offer for you and send it on your e-mail address as fast as possible.

First, choose the place(s) you would like to see from the list below by ticking the adequate square(s):

Warsaw Print

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We will visit the most exciting monuments in Warsaw. Comletely destroyed during the Second World War, the city is again a busy metropolis with over 1.5 million inhabitants.

The Old Town - the place of special value, rebuilt brick by brick from the ruins with the Castle Square domiated by both the slender and tall Sigismund Column and the impressive edifice of the Royal Castle.

The Łazienki Palace - the palace on the water, the summer residence of Stanislaus August Poniatowski, the last king of Poland. The Łazienki Park is the Varsovians' favourite place for walks.

Wilanów - with a beautiful admired baroque palace of King John III Sobieski with a picteresque park in English and French style.


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Cracow - Poland's old capital, a city of historical monuments and priceless art collections visited by over 2 million tourists every year.

The Wawel Hill - ranks among the most magnifcient and richest museums in Europe. Wawel Castle attrations include the Royal Chambers where the famous Arras tapestries can be seen - the most valuable exhibits in the Wawel Castle Art Collection. The Crown Tresury, the Castle Armoury and an exhibition of Oriental art are also open to the public. We will also see the Gothic Wawel Cathedral surrounded by 18 chapels where Polish kings were buried.

The Old Town - a vast treasury of old architecture with the Main Market Square with the Cloth Hall ( XIV c.) and the Church of Our Lady which contains the famous altar-piece, a gem of European Gothic art, carved in wood by Wit Stwosz.

The Barbican - the largest and best preserved building of this kind in Europe.

The Floriańska Gate - the main city gate (XIII c) built to protect the northen entrance to the city.

Auschwitz Print

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Auschwitz - it's practically a duty to visit Auschwitz. The Auschwitz concentration camp is a symbol of horror, a memorial to Man's inhumanity to Man, of organised slaughter on a scale never conceived of before and of the Holocaust.
Łagiewniki Print

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Łagiewiki - the Sanctuary of Our Lord's Mercy. Here you can pray and see the Lord's Mercy icon painted according to the instruction given to the visionary, a Polish nun, Faustyna Kowalska.
Wieliczka Print

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Wieliczka (UNESCO'S World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage) - it's an unusal Salt Mine in which mining has been continuous from the Middle Ages. It's constructed on 9 levels with chambers, lakes, traverses streching for 300 kilometres and reaching the depth of 327 metres.

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Print

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Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - famous for the Bernardine's monastery and "Calvarian Paths". The monastery is in a baroque style. But the most interesting are the Calvarian Paths, consisting of sacral objects constructed between XVI and XX century. Little chapels and churches are scaltered on nearby hills and valleys. They create a spectacular and picturesque view. The most valuable are: the Christ's Tombor the Western Gate Our Holy Mother House. The chapels stand among the trees and wide alleys.
Zakopane Print

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Zakopane - the capital of the Polish winter sports and mountain tourism offering great possibilities for leisure pursuits in winter and in summer. It's also the capital of Polish Highland culture seen in the folk costumes, the unique wooden architecture of the houses and the stained glass windows. The immense forests, clear mountain streams and most of all the breathtaking landscapes of the Tatra mountains are worth making an effort to see.

Krupówki Street - a short walk along the most famous street in the resort .

Kasprowy Wierch (1987) - the cable train is a must in Zakopane. To reach the peak takes about 25 minutes. On the top you will find a bistro, restaurant, waiting room and the mountain rescue team TOPR. There's a breathtaking panorama of the Polish and Slovak Tatras from there.

The Tatra Museum - the oldest ethnic museum in Poland. It proposes a wide range of ethnic and natural exhibits.

The Church of Holy Mary of Częstochowa - the wooden church and the first parish church in the town, built in the simple and harmonious Zakopane style.

OPTIONAL: A trip to Morskie Oko Lake, the pearl of the Polish Tatras.

Wrocław Print

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Wrocław - the biggest town in western Poland and the capital of Lower Silesia. It is situated on the river Odra in the place where it divides into several arms. With its over 84 bridges Wrocław comes third in Europe in their number after Venice and Leningrad.

We will visit the carefully reconstructed building of the Old Town with the Gothic Town Hall dating back to the 13th century.

We will also visit the oldest part of the town Ostrów Tumski dominated by the impressive cathedral built in the 13 -15th centuries. Wrocław is also an important educational and cultural centre.

Książ Print

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Książ - the Książ Castle - a magnificent palace in baroque style surrounded by an old park. Many chambers decorated in different styles.
Wambierzyce Print

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Wambierzyce - a famous place of the shrine Our Holy Mother of Wambierzyce. The Sanctuary constructed in 1717 is the place of the worship of Our Holy Mother and the figure dating from XIV c. Wambierzyce is a small village built on the plane of Jerusalem.
Karpacz Print

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Karpacz - a small mountainous resort at the bottom of Śnieżka (1603m), described as the most entertaining place in Sudety.

Wang Church - a wooden church from XIII century built in the southern Norwegy.

Kamieńczyk Waterfall (Wodospad Kamieńczyk ) - we will see 27 metres high waterfall ( the longest in Polish Sudety)

Poznań Print

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Poznań - the meeting place for businessmen and industralists from all over the world and a very old town with a thousand years long tradition but it is also very modern.

Gothic-cum-Renaissance Town Hall, Gothic and baroque churches and old burghers' houses. The Main Market is also worth visiting.

Gniezno Print

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Gniezno - Poland's first capital. Gniezno cathedral is a truly imposing edifice dating back to the 10th century with its bronze "Gniezno Gate" covered with bas-reliefs depicting the scenes from the life of St. Adalbert, Poland's oldest eample of Romanesque.

Biskupin Print

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Biskupin - a unique archaelogical reservation, a partly reconstructed proto-Slavonic stronghold and settlement (550-400 BC) from the period of the Lusatian culture

Kruszwica Print

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Kruszwica - a closely connected with very beginnings of Polish statehood. It was the capital of the tribal state of the Goplans. A major tourist attractoin there is the legendary Mysia Wieża (Mouse Tower), the only remaining fragment of a 14th century castle.

Licheń Print

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Licheń - the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń, the place of many revelations

Tri-City (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia) Print

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Tri- City - is one of the most interesting agglomeration situated on Poland's Baltic coast.

Gdańsk - the city's history goes back one thousand years.

The Gdańsk Old Town - comprises a collection of mediaeval and Renaissance buiding unique throughout Europe.

Długa ( Long) Street with charming old burghers' houses in various architectural styles.

The Main Town Hall - a brick Gothic structure from the late 14th century. We will also see the Long Market which was the main tracking centre with the Golden Gate and the magnificent Artus' Court - the oldest and the most imposing of the three medieval structures of this type in Europe.

You can also take a photo in front of the famous bronze Neptune fountain made in 1615 by Husen. Gothic church of the Holy Virgin Mary - one of the largest in Europe. It can hold a congregation of up to 25 thousand people.

Sopot - a well-known health resort with its white, clean beaches. the world's longest pier.

Gdynia - a sea port constructed in 1922. Many secrets of the sea can be fathomed in the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium and a special attraction is a visit to the ship-museum on ORP "Błyskawica", the Polish destroyer which took part in allied naval operations during World War II. You may try some of the enchanting trips by hydrofoil on the Bay of Gdańsk or to the Hel Peninsula.

Malbork Print

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Malbork - the main attraction of which is Europe's biggest medieval fortified castle that used to be the seat of the grand masters of the Order of the Teutonic Knights.

Gietrzwałd Print

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Gietrzwałd - a place famous for the revelation of Our Holy Mother which took place 19 years after the revelation in Lourdes.

Święta Lipka Print

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Święta Lipka - in which you can see the sanctuary of Our Holy Mother, built in a baroque style. The place is famous for the baroque organ from 1721 with movable figures. The place is called "Częstochowa of the north"

Częstochowa Print

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The Bright Hill (Jasna Góra) - where we will visit the Pauline monastery and the Sanctuary with the image of our Holy Mother, the Black Madonna. Jasna Góra, one of the main pilgrimage centres of the world, is visited by approximately 5 million pilgrims every year.

We will also admire the Treasury in which there are valuable votive offerings presented before the holy image of Our Holy Mother, The Arsenal and the 600th Anniversary Museum.

Augustów Print

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Augustów - a typical summer resort surrounded by the waters of the three lakes.

Augustów Canal - a special water road connected by different kinds of locks ; beautiful scenery of the Suwałki National Park with the deepest Polish lake - Czarna Hańcza

Wigry Print

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Wigry - the name of both a small city and a lake is the central point of the Wigry Park. Wigry is famed for its wealth of fauna, including beavers, so rarely encountered nowadays eleswhere in Europe. Here, we will also see the famous Monastery ( the beloved place of John Paul II )

Studziennicza Print

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Studziennicza - a small but well-known place with a wooden chapel and the well with healing water

Wilno Print

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Wilno - the capital of Lithuania. The city full of monumental churches, great history.We will see and visit the most famous places with Ostra Brama Image of Our Holy Mother.

Troki Print

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Troki - the place where we will visit a beautiful castle situated on a small island.

Prague Print

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Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic. We will see the typical tourist attractions and monuments.

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Sigismund Column Warsaw
Sigismund Column Warsaw
Royal Castle Warsaw
Royal Castle
The Łazienki Palace Warsaw
Church of Our Lady Cracow
Barbican Cracow
Royal Castle Cracow
Royal Castle
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Salt Mine
Morskie Oko Lake Tatry
Morskie Oko Lake
Kościeliska Valley Zakopane
Kościeliska Valley
The Botanical Garden
Castle Książ
Sanctuary Wambierzyce
Kamieńczyk waterfall
Kamieńczyk Waterfall
Imperial Palace
Baltic Sea
Baltic Sea near Tri-City
Baltic Sea
Baltic Sea near Tri-City
Castle malbork
Our Holy Mother Gietrzwałd
Our Holy Mother
Sanctuary Św. Lipka
Święta Lipka
Monastery Częstochowa
The Ross Cementary
Troki Lithuania
Old Town
The Charles' Bridge Prague
The Charles' Bridge
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